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Title: Restraints
Pairing:  Sarek/Amanda
Rating:  R
Summary:  Done for [info]centi_porn .  Sort of cheated- it is 200 words because I combined two prompts, restraint and rip.

    He tugged lightly at the silken restraints, an eyebrow raising at his beautiful naked wife as she leaned over him, amused by the smug arousal he felt from her.  He'd be careful, to cater to her whim and not break the illusion of being powerless.  The restraints were expertly tied and well secured, might have held a weaker human male, but were no match for Vulcan strength.  He could end this game quickly, but chose to experiment finding himself reacting favorably to Amanda's control over him and to the sensation of cool silk that was now burning his wrists, sending flames of need through his body that demanded quenching.  Keeping his strength in check, he offered a token struggle, unable to suppress the moan as Amanda nipped him in warning.  He fought for control, he was Vulcan, it was not his time, he was capable of giving this to Amanda.  He repeated that mantra, over and over, eyes closed tight in concentration as every nerve  tracked the movement of Amanda's tongue on his chest and then lower, much lower.   His willingness to humor her soon gave way as those pleasurable sensations crumbled his control and the silken restraints were ripped.


Jan. 9th, 2011 10:37 pm
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Title: Beauty

Pairing: Sarek / Amanda

Rating: G

Summary: A take on Sarek and Amanda's first meeting.  Originally posted on an old LJ account.  Reposting because I think I might continue this 'verse.



        Sarek was up before the sun, looking over his schedule for the day. As he sorted through various PADDS, he took a moment to watch the sun rise over the San Francisco Bay. He shivered slightly and then chided himself for the gesture. The climate controls throughout most of the Embassy kept room temperature at an adequate approximation of what he and the mostly Vulcan staff found conducive to maximum work capability. The hallways were another story and the few rooms which Human employees occupied. He regarded himself foolish, but permitted himself to get up and close his door. The heat leaving his office would be replaced by the vents quicker than the colder air from the hallway would displace the warm air. He was alone however, and found it easier to keep his iron control in place during the day if he not only meditated more, but also allowed himself to relax a little in privacy.


        There were many small meetings on his schedule today. Then there were documents from both his home world and Earth that needed to be dealt with. The rising sun he was now watching would be long set by the time he retired to his personal quarters. One meeting intrigued him more than any of the others. It had been recommended a couple years back that he take on a Human assistant as well as his Vulcan ones. He had welcomed the idea as yet another way to study Earth culture and be an appropriate representative of his world and people. In application, however, it hadn’t gone as smoothly as it should have been. In the past three years he had gone through eight assistants. He had decided this would be the last one if they couldn’t at least last
more than one Earth season.


        The credentials, at least, of this one looked promising. Amanda Grayson had not only studied Vulcan culture, but also had an impressive command of the Vulcan language. Perhaps she had higher odds of lasting than the others. She had even offered to start an Earth languages and cultures class for the offspring of the Vulcan staff in her spare time. Such devotion to one’s work was something to be admired as well as her academic records.


        The official work day had just begun, the offices filling up when Soran brought Amanda Grayson into meet him. After the brief introduction he watched as Amanda bowed formerly and spoke, "T'nar pak sorat y'rani" He did not let his astonishment show, barely a raised eyebrow was his reaction to her flawless formal greeting.


        "T'nar jaral" he offered in return, bowing just a tad deeper than he would have for any other Human offering him this greeting. As he rose, he looked at her closely. The planes of her face and the way her hair framed them were most aesthetically pleasing. If he were human he would have simply called her beautiful, as she was, by any standard- Vulcan or Human. It was not logical, but as long as he did not show it, he allowed himself the hope she would last far longer than any of his other Human assistants.


Jan. 9th, 2011 01:57 am
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Title:  Storm
Pairing:  None
Rating:  pg
Summary:  Cross-posted from a muse journal, Sarek's delayed reaction to Amanda's loss.  Sarek's POV.

        After informing Amanda's parents of our loss, I sought refuge from the onslaught of emotion that was transferred with every sympathetic touch from her relatives that had swarmed the farmhouse.  I am grateful for their support and pleased to see that Amanda's parents will be supported during this time in ways that I am unable to express with more than an 'I grieve with thee'.  I do grieve and the toll that is taking on my control is why I am climbing the dunes, seeking solitude. 

    I am not surprised that my walk has led me along a trail to the shore that Amanda had often brought me to on the rare times we visited her parents.  She knew that the oceans of her homeworld, those vast bodies of plentiful water, fascinate me.  I feel drawn to them, all that water, such a scarce resource on my own world, my world that along with Amanda, no longer exists.  Fresh torrents of grief batter against the fragile control I am struggling to maintain.  Amanda, my wife...I let the tears I have withheld ever since realizing that my wife had not been beamed aboard to safety with me, begin to fall silently.

    I wish that Spock had been able to accompany me, but I understand why he has not.  He has duties to attend to and I am not sure I would want him to witness me now, collapsed on the sandy shore, as a storm that matched the fury of my anguish blew in off the water.  Witnessing Spock's own rage and sorrow had been difficult, I do not desire to put him through similar pain.  I managed to keep my control, even as I told him the true reason I married Amanda.  If he feels that I do not mourn her and that leads to a widening of the rift between us that had only just begun to heal, that is a far better thing than letting him see me like this.

  I do not know how long I had been sitting here, as the cold wind and rain buffeted around me, the waves crashing angrily on the shore.  It must have been hours as the tide had been out when I arrived and now it was nearly at high tide.  I was shivering from the cold but did not move.  I was not ready to go back yet.  I did not hear the approaching footsteps over the tumult of the waves and my own thoughts.


  I turned and saw him falter as he took in my appearance.  "Your grandparents will be pleased to see you."  I manage, thankful for the rain that hide my tears that once released have not stopped.  I do not wish him to see me like this, but I too am pleased he is here.

  "We should go back to the house." 

  I weakly stand, nodding and shivering violently as a strong gust of cold wind blew around us.  I am grateful for the cloak he quickly sheds and wraps around me, keeping an arm around my shoulders as he guides us back down the well-worn path to my in-law's home.  "Your mother..."  I stop, and brace myself, pulling at the shreds of my control before starting again with a stronger voice, "Your mother used to enjoy walking along this path.  If you have a few days, I will show you other favorite spots of hers in the area,"  I offer quietly, grateful when he accepts.

hc bingo

Sep. 11th, 2010 07:27 pm
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Signed up for the hurt comfort bingo over at [community profile] hc_bingo . This is the card I will be working from:

body hatred
sexual extortion: to pay for something
heat stroke
plane crash
fever / delirium
social phobia
severe / life-threatening illness
pining: confession in desperate situation
blood loss
cuddling for warmth / snowed in
loss of vision
minor illness (cold, allergies)
slaves (sexual)
sore muscles
surprise sexswap
build-up of job-related trauma


Sep. 9th, 2010 08:25 pm
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Pick 20 of your favorite movies/anime/video games/literary works/etc. and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. A baby is switched at birth, which causes great problems later on. Meanwhile, a cynic with a fondness for antique cars, a rare book dealer, a, a man who breaks things, one of the last witch-hunters in Britain and the witch-hunter's landlady attempt to prevent four rather sinister bikers from causing The End Of The World As We Know It.

2. Ordinary man from an ordinary planet (which has recently been torn down) goes galaxy- and dimension-hopping with a hot scientist, a perpetually unhappy robot, an alcoholic daredevil, and a narcissist with two heads and three arms. Or, a man looses his home and fails to find a decent cup of tea.

3. A misogynist addicted to smoking and cocaine lives together with an ex-army doctor with a mysteriously migrating injury. Together, They Fight Crime! The is a math teacher.

4. An Officer And A Gentleman throws away his Naval career for his new pet.

5. A peasant, a river man and a forest wise man try to cure their ADHD noble friend of his on-the-fly, erratic obsessions. Road rage, prison breaks, theft and property repossession abound.

6. Boy named after a mouse helps locals improve their drug-filled sandpit, despite unfriendly wildlife. The government disapproves. Also, Cinnamon lets you see into the future.

7. A nobleman's friend gets him a job. Everyone's lives go all to hell. Meanwhile, an adolescent exile with no apparent magical, martial, or political skill decides she deserves to rule the world. Three books later, things still haven't settled down. There is Twincest. Anyone Can Die.

8. Martian Jesus preaches salvation through cannibalism and drinking water. He is opposed by football-loving pharisees. A cynical retiree provides commentary.

9. An indescriptible force of darkness has forced itself onto the world, making the little people capable of exiting the pool without a ladder. This same force makes killing them slightly less desirable for the god.

10. Everything. Including, but not limited to: evolving by dancing in public, getting more advanced by burning buildings, capturing cities by playing music, and lots and lots of genocide.

11. Battle it out for who can control the most of a small island with a really weird, hexagon based, geography. Someone will more than likely get wood for sheep during the proceedings.

12. Tabletop strategy game where you control an Extraordinarily Empowered Girl, Church Militants, and giant, mobile stone buildings. If they can make it to the end, your weakest units can take a level in badass. The object of the game is to corner your opponent's second-weakest piece.

13. Sketch show where almost all roles are played by two really tall, upper-class men from Oxbridge.

14. A historical Sit-Com, in which every generation of a charismatic but extremely unlucky man's family both looks the same and possesses the same name, as does almost everyone else he encounters. Each man is unfortunate enough to be surrounded by half-wits, incompetents and lunatics, and is waited upon by a servant whose standards of personal hygiene are barely human at best.

15. Crippled Doctor can't decide if he's Batman, Sherlock Holmes, or Nietzsche; solves medical mysteries to keep the crushing ennui at bay only to find that Victory Is Boring, so he takes drugs instead.

16. Gay Victorian couple pose as upper class idiot and his more intelligent butler.

17. Three men and four hundred extras travel through space in their futuristic living room/model UN club, going where no man has gone before.

18. British and French go around the world and kill each other. The British captain plays a fiddle and his friend cuts himself open with a knife.

19. Jeeves grills British comedians on obscure trivia. Negative scores are often allotted, or four British comedians are asked apparently simple questions, then mocked if they give the obvious answer.

20. An obnoxious Brit and a quirky team accuse people of lying and are usually right.

Body Warmth

Sep. 7th, 2010 04:26 pm
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Title of Story:  Body Warmth
Author:  Kitausu
Rating: g
Warnings:  None
Author's Notes:  Comment fic done for [community profile] fic_promptly .  Prompt was:  author's choice / author's choice, snuggled up in front of a fire.

    Nothing had gone right since beaming down to this godforsaken wasteland of a planet.  A godforsaken wasteland filled with hostile humanoids that seemed to want to do nothing more than annihilate the landing party.  It was far from the reception Kirk had been told he would receive.  Command had led him to believe that these people were candidates for joining the Federation, had expressed interest in doing so to the first contact party that they had encountered.  Someone in the chain of command had either messed up the paperwork or there had been a rapid and violent coup. 

   Bones had been quickly beamed up with two injured security crew.  Kirk had been determined to work things out, but an ion storm in the upper atmosphere struck preventing him and Spock from beaming out when attempted negotiations where halted by phaser blast that just barely missed Spock.  They had taken the hint and retreated into the dense forest-like environment. 

  The planet's two suns had just set, revealing four bright moons, but unlike the suns, the moons were not projecting heat upon the planet's surface.  Satisfied they had managed to lose their pursuers, they looked around at their surroundings and checked their communicators. 

   "Kirk to Enterprise.  Enterprise, acknowledge."  He flipped the communicator closed with an agitated motion.  Just static.  He looked over to see Spock fiddling with his tricorder.  "Anything, Mr. Spock?"

  "The ion storm is causing interference, but it appears there is a cave forty meters to the northwest.  No lifeforms inside.  It would be adequate shelter for the evening."

  "Lead on," he gestured for Spock to direct them towards the cave, shivering as he noticed how cold it had gotten now that he had stopped running.  "Adequate?  Does it come fully furnished with a heater?"  He joked, knowing that if he was cold, Spock must be even colder.  "How about a replicator?" he added as his stomach growled.

  "Negative.  I suggest collecting some branches and constructing a small fire to provide warmth."  Spock didn't bother to comment on the food situation.  They had none.  It would do no good to complain.  If they were not beamed back aboard the Enterprise by tomorrow afternoon, then food would become a concern.  Not now.

  Later, with a fire started, not a big one, they did not want to alert the natives to their presence, Kirk glanced over to Spock, noticing the tiny tremors that were coursing through his First Officer's body. 

"Ya know, for a species that values logic above all else, you have an unhealthy dose of illogical pride.  Come here, you are freezing," he motioned for Spock to sit closer to him.  He sighed as Spock arched an eyebrow at him.  "Body warmth, Mr. Spock.  Survival 101, preventing hypothermia." 

  Spock hesitated for a few moments before sliding over the ground and stiffly leaning against Kirk, making sure his mental shields were holding firm, unable to keep out the sensation of faint amusement and exasperation coming from Kirk.

  "Yeah, that isn't so bad now is it?"  Kirk asked, noticing that the tremors had ceased.

  "It will suffice."

  Kirk shook his head.  Suffice.  Adequate.  "Vulcans have an aptitude for understatements too," he said quietly.


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