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Body Warmth

Title of Story:  Body Warmth
Author:  Kitausu
Rating: g
Warnings:  None
Author's Notes:  Comment fic done for [community profile] fic_promptly .  Prompt was:  author's choice / author's choice, snuggled up in front of a fire.

    Nothing had gone right since beaming down to this godforsaken wasteland of a planet.  A godforsaken wasteland filled with hostile humanoids that seemed to want to do nothing more than annihilate the landing party.  It was far from the reception Kirk had been told he would receive.  Command had led him to believe that these people were candidates for joining the Federation, had expressed interest in doing so to the first contact party that they had encountered.  Someone in the chain of command had either messed up the paperwork or there had been a rapid and violent coup. 

   Bones had been quickly beamed up with two injured security crew.  Kirk had been determined to work things out, but an ion storm in the upper atmosphere struck preventing him and Spock from beaming out when attempted negotiations where halted by phaser blast that just barely missed Spock.  They had taken the hint and retreated into the dense forest-like environment. 

  The planet's two suns had just set, revealing four bright moons, but unlike the suns, the moons were not projecting heat upon the planet's surface.  Satisfied they had managed to lose their pursuers, they looked around at their surroundings and checked their communicators. 

   "Kirk to Enterprise.  Enterprise, acknowledge."  He flipped the communicator closed with an agitated motion.  Just static.  He looked over to see Spock fiddling with his tricorder.  "Anything, Mr. Spock?"

  "The ion storm is causing interference, but it appears there is a cave forty meters to the northwest.  No lifeforms inside.  It would be adequate shelter for the evening."

  "Lead on," he gestured for Spock to direct them towards the cave, shivering as he noticed how cold it had gotten now that he had stopped running.  "Adequate?  Does it come fully furnished with a heater?"  He joked, knowing that if he was cold, Spock must be even colder.  "How about a replicator?" he added as his stomach growled.

  "Negative.  I suggest collecting some branches and constructing a small fire to provide warmth."  Spock didn't bother to comment on the food situation.  They had none.  It would do no good to complain.  If they were not beamed back aboard the Enterprise by tomorrow afternoon, then food would become a concern.  Not now.

  Later, with a fire started, not a big one, they did not want to alert the natives to their presence, Kirk glanced over to Spock, noticing the tiny tremors that were coursing through his First Officer's body. 

"Ya know, for a species that values logic above all else, you have an unhealthy dose of illogical pride.  Come here, you are freezing," he motioned for Spock to sit closer to him.  He sighed as Spock arched an eyebrow at him.  "Body warmth, Mr. Spock.  Survival 101, preventing hypothermia." 

  Spock hesitated for a few moments before sliding over the ground and stiffly leaning against Kirk, making sure his mental shields were holding firm, unable to keep out the sensation of faint amusement and exasperation coming from Kirk.

  "Yeah, that isn't so bad now is it?"  Kirk asked, noticing that the tremors had ceased.

  "It will suffice."

  Kirk shook his head.  Suffice.  Adequate.  "Vulcans have an aptitude for understatements too," he said quietly.

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