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Title:  Storm
Pairing:  None
Rating:  pg
Summary:  Cross-posted from a muse journal, Sarek's delayed reaction to Amanda's loss.  Sarek's POV.

        After informing Amanda's parents of our loss, I sought refuge from the onslaught of emotion that was transferred with every sympathetic touch from her relatives that had swarmed the farmhouse.  I am grateful for their support and pleased to see that Amanda's parents will be supported during this time in ways that I am unable to express with more than an 'I grieve with thee'.  I do grieve and the toll that is taking on my control is why I am climbing the dunes, seeking solitude. 

    I am not surprised that my walk has led me along a trail to the shore that Amanda had often brought me to on the rare times we visited her parents.  She knew that the oceans of her homeworld, those vast bodies of plentiful water, fascinate me.  I feel drawn to them, all that water, such a scarce resource on my own world, my world that along with Amanda, no longer exists.  Fresh torrents of grief batter against the fragile control I am struggling to maintain.  Amanda, my wife...I let the tears I have withheld ever since realizing that my wife had not been beamed aboard to safety with me, begin to fall silently.

    I wish that Spock had been able to accompany me, but I understand why he has not.  He has duties to attend to and I am not sure I would want him to witness me now, collapsed on the sandy shore, as a storm that matched the fury of my anguish blew in off the water.  Witnessing Spock's own rage and sorrow had been difficult, I do not desire to put him through similar pain.  I managed to keep my control, even as I told him the true reason I married Amanda.  If he feels that I do not mourn her and that leads to a widening of the rift between us that had only just begun to heal, that is a far better thing than letting him see me like this.

  I do not know how long I had been sitting here, as the cold wind and rain buffeted around me, the waves crashing angrily on the shore.  It must have been hours as the tide had been out when I arrived and now it was nearly at high tide.  I was shivering from the cold but did not move.  I was not ready to go back yet.  I did not hear the approaching footsteps over the tumult of the waves and my own thoughts.


  I turned and saw him falter as he took in my appearance.  "Your grandparents will be pleased to see you."  I manage, thankful for the rain that hide my tears that once released have not stopped.  I do not wish him to see me like this, but I too am pleased he is here.

  "We should go back to the house." 

  I weakly stand, nodding and shivering violently as a strong gust of cold wind blew around us.  I am grateful for the cloak he quickly sheds and wraps around me, keeping an arm around my shoulders as he guides us back down the well-worn path to my in-law's home.  "Your mother..."  I stop, and brace myself, pulling at the shreds of my control before starting again with a stronger voice, "Your mother used to enjoy walking along this path.  If you have a few days, I will show you other favorite spots of hers in the area,"  I offer quietly, grateful when he accepts.


Jan. 9th, 2011 10:37 pm
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Title: Beauty

Pairing: Sarek / Amanda

Rating: G

Summary: A take on Sarek and Amanda's first meeting.  Originally posted on an old LJ account.  Reposting because I think I might continue this 'verse.



        Sarek was up before the sun, looking over his schedule for the day. As he sorted through various PADDS, he took a moment to watch the sun rise over the San Francisco Bay. He shivered slightly and then chided himself for the gesture. The climate controls throughout most of the Embassy kept room temperature at an adequate approximation of what he and the mostly Vulcan staff found conducive to maximum work capability. The hallways were another story and the few rooms which Human employees occupied. He regarded himself foolish, but permitted himself to get up and close his door. The heat leaving his office would be replaced by the vents quicker than the colder air from the hallway would displace the warm air. He was alone however, and found it easier to keep his iron control in place during the day if he not only meditated more, but also allowed himself to relax a little in privacy.


        There were many small meetings on his schedule today. Then there were documents from both his home world and Earth that needed to be dealt with. The rising sun he was now watching would be long set by the time he retired to his personal quarters. One meeting intrigued him more than any of the others. It had been recommended a couple years back that he take on a Human assistant as well as his Vulcan ones. He had welcomed the idea as yet another way to study Earth culture and be an appropriate representative of his world and people. In application, however, it hadn’t gone as smoothly as it should have been. In the past three years he had gone through eight assistants. He had decided this would be the last one if they couldn’t at least last
more than one Earth season.


        The credentials, at least, of this one looked promising. Amanda Grayson had not only studied Vulcan culture, but also had an impressive command of the Vulcan language. Perhaps she had higher odds of lasting than the others. She had even offered to start an Earth languages and cultures class for the offspring of the Vulcan staff in her spare time. Such devotion to one’s work was something to be admired as well as her academic records.


        The official work day had just begun, the offices filling up when Soran brought Amanda Grayson into meet him. After the brief introduction he watched as Amanda bowed formerly and spoke, "T'nar pak sorat y'rani" He did not let his astonishment show, barely a raised eyebrow was his reaction to her flawless formal greeting.


        "T'nar jaral" he offered in return, bowing just a tad deeper than he would have for any other Human offering him this greeting. As he rose, he looked at her closely. The planes of her face and the way her hair framed them were most aesthetically pleasing. If he were human he would have simply called her beautiful, as she was, by any standard- Vulcan or Human. It was not logical, but as long as he did not show it, he allowed himself the hope she would last far longer than any of his other Human assistants.


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