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Pick 20 of your favorite movies/anime/video games/literary works/etc. and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. A baby is switched at birth, which causes great problems later on. Meanwhile, a cynic with a fondness for antique cars, a rare book dealer, a, a man who breaks things, one of the last witch-hunters in Britain and the witch-hunter's landlady attempt to prevent four rather sinister bikers from causing The End Of The World As We Know It.

2. Ordinary man from an ordinary planet (which has recently been torn down) goes galaxy- and dimension-hopping with a hot scientist, a perpetually unhappy robot, an alcoholic daredevil, and a narcissist with two heads and three arms. Or, a man looses his home and fails to find a decent cup of tea.

3. A misogynist addicted to smoking and cocaine lives together with an ex-army doctor with a mysteriously migrating injury. Together, They Fight Crime! The is a math teacher.

4. An Officer And A Gentleman throws away his Naval career for his new pet.

5. A peasant, a river man and a forest wise man try to cure their ADHD noble friend of his on-the-fly, erratic obsessions. Road rage, prison breaks, theft and property repossession abound.

6. Boy named after a mouse helps locals improve their drug-filled sandpit, despite unfriendly wildlife. The government disapproves. Also, Cinnamon lets you see into the future.

7. A nobleman's friend gets him a job. Everyone's lives go all to hell. Meanwhile, an adolescent exile with no apparent magical, martial, or political skill decides she deserves to rule the world. Three books later, things still haven't settled down. There is Twincest. Anyone Can Die.

8. Martian Jesus preaches salvation through cannibalism and drinking water. He is opposed by football-loving pharisees. A cynical retiree provides commentary.

9. An indescriptible force of darkness has forced itself onto the world, making the little people capable of exiting the pool without a ladder. This same force makes killing them slightly less desirable for the god.

10. Everything. Including, but not limited to: evolving by dancing in public, getting more advanced by burning buildings, capturing cities by playing music, and lots and lots of genocide.

11. Battle it out for who can control the most of a small island with a really weird, hexagon based, geography. Someone will more than likely get wood for sheep during the proceedings.

12. Tabletop strategy game where you control an Extraordinarily Empowered Girl, Church Militants, and giant, mobile stone buildings. If they can make it to the end, your weakest units can take a level in badass. The object of the game is to corner your opponent's second-weakest piece.

13. Sketch show where almost all roles are played by two really tall, upper-class men from Oxbridge.

14. A historical Sit-Com, in which every generation of a charismatic but extremely unlucky man's family both looks the same and possesses the same name, as does almost everyone else he encounters. Each man is unfortunate enough to be surrounded by half-wits, incompetents and lunatics, and is waited upon by a servant whose standards of personal hygiene are barely human at best.

15. Crippled Doctor can't decide if he's Batman, Sherlock Holmes, or Nietzsche; solves medical mysteries to keep the crushing ennui at bay only to find that Victory Is Boring, so he takes drugs instead.

16. Gay Victorian couple pose as upper class idiot and his more intelligent butler.

17. Three men and four hundred extras travel through space in their futuristic living room/model UN club, going where no man has gone before.

18. British and French go around the world and kill each other. The British captain plays a fiddle and his friend cuts himself open with a knife.

19. Jeeves grills British comedians on obscure trivia. Negative scores are often allotted, or four British comedians are asked apparently simple questions, then mocked if they give the obvious answer.

20. An obnoxious Brit and a quirky team accuse people of lying and are usually right.


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